• Gym Props

    • Vibe Myo Pro


      HIGH POWER Percussion Massager - If you are looking for the quietest and weakest massage gun this is not for you. But if your looking for the best tool for self-recovery your in the right place. 

      With 16mm of travel the Myo Pro guarantees a painless deep tissue massage. Unlike other products that just feel like vibration the Myo Pro heads knead directly into large knots and sore spots to loosen them while stimulating blood flow. This not only feels amazing, but it helps speed up recovery and reduce inflammation.

    • Vibe hex pro


      The compact size, ergonomic shape, unique patterning and four vibration modes make VIBE Rollers, the next generation foam roller for myofascial release and muscle activation  

      The HEX PRO is the only roller of its kind to replicate deep tissue and cross friction massage techniques, allowing deeper penetration into the muscle, releasing trigger points faster, with less pain, and speeding up your recovery.

      The HEX PRO's compact lightweight size makes it the ideal travel roller, whilst still providing whole body relief.